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Outta Town Sound is the personal working environment of veteran mastering engineer, Jamie Sitar.   Located just north of Winnipeg, it brings together the two worlds of big-city facility and picturesque country surroundings.

The Work

The work is of the highest quality, the value is incredible, and the personalized service ensures that your project will receive the attention and time that it deserves.  Jamie has a deep resume, having worked with many well known names in the music industry – view history

Mixing Tip # 1

Processing on the master output..
With the abundance and variety of plug-ins these days, it’s tempting to process everything beyond recognition – even the stereo buss! Resist this temptation as much as possible. Plug-ins are great creative tools, but use them judiciously. Trust your ears and don’t be seduced by fancy GUI’s.

About Jamie Sitar

  • I grew up in Winnipeg, but spent much of my adult life in Vancouver, BC. I logged 10 years as the Senior Engineer at Suite Sound Labs – Vancouver’s busiest mastering studio. In that role, I mastered hundreds and hundreds of titles for CD, LP, and online release. My work has won Juno Awards and earned Gold and Platinum record sales. My credits include Bif Naked, Randy Bachman, Chilliwack, Swollen Members, Classified, as well as many indie artists.  see list of artists   
  • Now I'm living back in the Winnipeg area where I've set up a world-class mastering studio including analogue processing gear from Manley, Avalon, API, Alan Smart, Chandler, and Dangerous (equipment list).
  • The main monitors (Dunlavy SC-IV) stand over 6 feet tall and provide as accurate music reproduction as can be achieved.Attended sessions are welcome.   Rates are very reasonable and indie-friendly; please inquire. Check out my Discography on

Master your next project at Outta Town Sound and hear the difference!

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